Titanium pipe manufacturer

Titanium Pipe manufacturers produce different shapes, sizes and types of titanium pipes. There are different standards of pipes ranging from less than an inch to more than 60 inches. Depending on the application, the pipe diameters are changed. Manufacturers produce different qualities of the material as well. The different qualities are represented by different grades of the material. Some are suited for very high temperatures and some are suited for very acidic conditions. There are different material compositions to produce the qualities as well. Different alloys of titanium pipe materials have different elements such as vanadium and aluminium in their composition.

The applications of titanium pipes range from domestic low cost applications to high cost aerospace industries. Chemical plants use the materials for the highly anticorrosive properties. Marine equipment, sea water processing, saline water desalinization plants all use the chloride ion corrosion resistance property of the material. Food processing plants, chemical industries, medical equipment and surgical equipment use the anticorrosive properties of the material. The high temperature and pressure resistance of the welded titanium pipe could be used in aircraft components and jet engines. The manufacturers produce them in different grades as per the need of the industries. There are several grades of these pipes such as grads 1,2,3 and so on. Among them the grade 5 is the most used. Since it is one of the most used, it is also the most available titanium material. So the titanium gr 5 pipe price is much affordable for all types of purchasers.


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