Business Structures – Partnerships

When you’re operating a business, or you are while setting one up, it is essential to provide consideration for your business structure. Partnerships is one such structure that needs to be explored, his or her flexible nature mean they are able to suit numerous plans. This short article explores partnerships in greater detail, in the […]

Partnerships And Judgments

Let’s say your judgment debtor owns a part of a house, business, as well as other asset inside a 50/50 general partnership with another person? How will you arrive at the debtor’s share of this focal point in recover your judgment? One of several judgment articles: I’m not an attorney, and this information is my […]

Business Partnerships

Under Colorado law, partnerships are controlled by the Revised Uniform Partnership Act of 1997 (“R.U.P.A.”). R.U.P.A. defines a partnership as “the association of several persons to keep as co-proprietors a company to make money.” R.U.P.A. § 101(6) (emphasis added). During its most simplistic sense, the word person describes a person, R.U.P.A. expands that term to […]

Business Partnership Contracts

Do you enjoy beginning up a small company like a partnership, or do curently have a little or medium-sized enterprise and wish to generate somebody new like a partner? Should you clarified “yes” either to of those questions there are certain legal partnership contracts that you’ll want to think about. What Is really a Partnership? […]