5 Ways to SEO Your Homepage Like a Pro

  1. Homepage title optimization

Never only use your business or website name as the homepage title. Instead, be more creative with it by giving more information about your website to the users and Google. Top SEO Singapore agencies like MediaOne suggests making the most of the 60 characters you have by using keywords and business info all in a single sentence.

  1. Homepage meta description optimization

As meta description is what the users will be able to see in the SERPs, be considerate and conscious enough of what info you put up there.

  1. H1 tag optimization

Every page of your website needs to have an H1 tag. This is usually at the top of the page, and most of the themes are set to showcase the page title found enclosed in the h1 tags. Don’t forget to include some relevant keywords to the same.

  1. Homepage image SEO

A good homepage always has images. They make your webpages interesting and help in conveying your brand message to the users. When it comes to SEO, images send a message to Google crawlers about your content. When using images, ensure that you have used the Alt tag in a natural way that describes the image, and when the image has text, separate the image part from the text.

  1. Logo optimization

Every website requires a unique logo that makes them stand out from the rest. For optimizing your logo, ensure that the image filename bears the name of your website, the alt tag needs to have your website name too. When working with local SEO, you can also include your city in the alt tag and logo filename.


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