Why Manned Security is Vital for your Business

Whether you are located in Thailand, or any other country, the current troubling times are a stark reminder to boost up home and business security. Yet this service is not as costly as you might think, especially when you deal with an experienced local security service provider, plus they have a range of services that suit most businesses.

Multiple Visit Security

This would typically involve a security team visiting your business premises at random times during the evening and night, which is part of a nightly patrol. The team would have flashlights and would check all access points for signs of tampering and as their visits are at random times, the thief cannot guarantee a safe period in which to gain access.

Round the Clock Manned Security

Large factories and warehouses would have a contract with a security guard company (called บริษัทรปภรักษาความปลอดภัย in Thai), who would provide 24/7 security with a shift system of 3×8 hours. The guards are not contracted, rather they are directly employed and trained to the required standard and are courteous and professional as they go about their work.

Employee Screening

Large factories usually have employee screening when the shift clocks out, which might be random checks or every employee is searched, depending on company policy. Some managers are quick to spot a drop in stock inventory that cannot be accounted for, and often ask security to start screening workers as they leave. One factory worker was stealing 5 times a day; every break period, they would head off to the car park, each time carrying stolen goods and he was finally caught when a security guard noticed something unusual and the person was searched on the spot. He had managed to steal $100,000 in total and did serve a few years in jail.

Projecting the Right Image

When you engage the services of a local security company, you are sending out the right message, deterring thieves from taking the chance and if you would like to learn more about the cost of manned security, Google ‘manned security near me’ and you can talk to a leading provider.

Protecting your Assets

Some businesses have a huge stock inventory and are at risk of theft from many avenues; staff have been known to pilfer, then there are the professional gangs that raid business venues at night, looking for easy pickings.

Talk to your local manned security provider today and see what they can do for you.


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