What are the Principles of Advanced SEO?

Advanced SEO goes beyond working with webmaster hangouts, latest Google patches etc. To understand what Advanced SEO is, read the following principles:

  1. Google Recommendations Are Not SEO Recommendations

The job of SEO is to make sure that your website competes for organic ranking and conversion generating traffic sustainability. Advanced SEO is aware that Google never makes SEO recommendations. If you still don’t get a hang of advanced SEO, you can always hire an SEO agency and get yourself an SEO package to free yourself from all SEO worries.

  1. Always Read The Fine Print

Everyone knows the impact javascript puts on SEO, it is risky. Here 301s and links are also considered. Always read the Google guidance thoroughly. Look out for what coulds, mights, dos, and does’.

  1. Remove Problems.

Never hide them. Every now and then search engines come up with remedies like rel=canonical. Google suggests that nofollow always works for link sculpting.

  1. Reduce Abstraction

Never add up more stuff between your content and your bots or browsers. Prerendering and hybrid solutions always build extra layers. Redirects build additional hops. Prevent them by all means. Always give Google a straight path to your content.

  1. Get well acquainted with the tools

You can even be advanced even if you don’t do fancy language writing and processing stuff or analyse a log file. But you may need to be prepared to learn the same. However, learning doesn’t mean that you have to read all the blog posts. It means you have to reach deep in the command line, hack some code and learn how SERPs work. Get acquainted with on page SEO and natural language processing, also learn how to measure shingling.

To conclude, advanced SEO is not a replacement, it is more of an amplifier. It builds the SEO tactics more effective. So, learn all about natural language processing and isomorphic javascript, title tags, internal linking and keywords. Never skip the basics, because without that the advanced would mean nothing.


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