Services Provided By HR Service Hong Kong

Business entities and companies are taking the help of several HR services, who help them to understand the whole outlook of human resources. HR is a vital part of the economy. They keep a balance in the office and help the employees with their needs. It is why companies take the help of various service providers like HR services Hong Kong. But how do they help? Let us find out.

What are the packages offered by such services?

They cover a wide area of HR and payroll services such as:

  1. Monthly payroll- This involves the calculation of monthly payrolls and salary distribution.
  2. Mandatory provident fund- Assisting registration of MPF along with the monthly billing.
  3. Employees compensation insurance (ECI)- Helps in arranging ECI for the employees.
  4. Inland revenue department- Preparation of files and needed IRD reports.
  5. Online leave management- Helps to manage the leaves applied by the employees.
  6. Payroll reports- Helps in preparing customised payrolls according to the requirements.
  7. Visa applications- Assisting in employment as well as investment visas.
  8. HR consultancy services- Guides through the HR requirement process.
  9. Medical insurance- Introduces medical insurance policies for the employees.

Such services are a must for any company in a well-functioning economy. It is a requirement rather than a duty.


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