Make The Right Choices When Choosing Industrial Cleaning Products

At a time when the need for an exemplary standard of hygiene has reached an all-time high, it is essential that your cleaning teams have the best cleaning products they need to complete their tasks efficiently and effectively. It does not matter what industry you are in; defining and maintaining good cleaning and maintenance procedures is of paramount importance. Cutting corners when purchasing cleaning supplies is a false economy; it limits the ability of your staff to do their job and should be avoided at all costs. By partnering with a well-established maintenance and cleaning supplies supplier, you will unlock the benefits of their experience and modern, scientifically designed, cutting-edge products.

The Importance of Hand Hygiene

In the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, all businesses must now have effective visible staff procedures for cleaning and sanitising their hands. There are different hand cleaners on the market today for various situations. Germ-free antibacterial hand washes are excellent for this task; their eco-friendly and biodegradable formula mean they are a great selection; they use natural soaps where previously harmful petroleum-based components were used. In situations where a higher level of ingrained grime, oil or grease is involved, then a heavy-duty cleaner is the best choice when purchasing your industrial cleaning supplies.

When Issues Arise

When running water is not available, then dual-purpose grit wipes are ideal for mobile engineers. With their easy-to-use double-sided design, both cleans and wipes eliminate the need for separate products. During manufacturing processes, employees can come into contact with harmful solvents or detergents. If that is the case, a barrier cream can form an effective protective layer for the hands. These hand cleansing options share the characteristics of a safe, efficient cleaning action while being kind to the user’s skin.

Wipe The Floor with Problems

Whether you manage a shopping centre, a car factory or a catering facility keeping the floors clean is another essential task for your cleaning and maintenance teams. High-quality industrial floor cleaners are versatile products whether your staff are cleaning manually or using automatic systems. Now formulated with fragranced or odour neutralising agents, their rapid action efficiently breaks down the toughest stains and grime, even on difficult opponents like oil, ink, or grease. Modern floor cleaners are now less reliant on harmful solvents and are now fully biodegradable, using naturally occurring citrus oils to emulsify the testiest of substances.

The Most Difficult of Jobs

In the day-to-day running of any business, there will always be those particularly difficult jobs, and the same is true in the cleaning and maintenance world; blocked drains and unwanted graffiti are just two of these problems that require a specific solution. Purpose made industrial strength products are tailored for these unwanted but essential tasks. Paint removers and drain cleaners are formulated for fast, effective action enabling your staff to prevail in these situations consistently.

By instructing your purchasing department to buy the best available cleaning supplies, you are enabling your cleaning staff to maintain a high standard of cleanliness which allows your business to function at peak effectiveness.